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Eating and speaking are an ongoing challenge, and smiling is something you’d just rather not do. Your self-confidence has never been so low. In the past, your teeth replacement options were limited and what was available was less than ideal. They didn’t always look or feel natural, nor did they deliver reliable performance. But now you can breathe easy, because today there’s a solution that can restore all the beauty and function of your smile with durable, custom-fitted replacement teeth.

The advanced technology behind All-on-4 full arch dental implants has not only made that solution possible but enables you to undergo that transformation in one day.



Four Step Process

All-on-4 is a reliable and effective solution

Dr. Terrie Tran will determine if All-on-4 is right for you based on your current health and specific smile goals. She’ll then plan each step of the surgery, combining 3D CT scans of your mouth with nSequence technology


After making you comfortable with IV sedation, she’ll remove any remaining decayed teeth you have before inserting as few as four durable titanium posts per arch into your jawbone

Same-Day Results

After implant placement, Dr.Terrie Tran attaches a temporary full bridge to the posts so that you can leave with a full mouth of healthy, attractive, securely fixed teeth that same day! These will function just like real teeth until you receive your final bridges.

Final Restoration

As a last step, your temporary bridge will be replaced with a custom-designed and durable final bridge. Taking long-term function and esthetics into accounthese bridges won’t wear down over time.